What Kind Of Taliban’s Islam or Yogi’s Hinduism ?

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What Will Happen When These Men Rule? What kind of Islam or Hinduism? The Taliban said, “We want all Afghans to see themselves as part of the Islamic system that we will establish.”

Which Islamic System?

The Prophet (pbuh) gave the Islamic system to humanity like the Misaq-e-Madina (Madinah Treaty), where all humans, men, and women of different faiths were given equal respect and treated with dignity, Kindness, and justice? As the Quran says, we are all one family, the children of Adam and Eve. There was no such thing as an Islamic government. Islam is guidance to create peaceful societies and not to rule others with a stick. Freedom of faith is a critical value of Islam. There is no compulsion of any kind against the will of any people.

Or the system developed by some fringe scholars – where women compelled to wear Burqa and not be a part of society’s well-being? If not, were they forced to comply with the Taliban version of Islam (non-Islamic)?

Which Hinduism?

The system that was given to humanity by great Vedic sages and Lord Krishna and Lord Rama – where all humans were to be treated with dignity as enshrined in the phrase Vasudhaiva Kutumbukum? Hinduism is about liberating one’s soul.

Or the system invented by the RSS founders that all men are not equal. The fringe scholar Manu created a discriminative caste system, where women were oppressed and considered men’s property, and some people were denied the complete dignity of a human being?

What are your thoughts?

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