Ramadan day 6 Masjid Al Quran

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Ramadan day 6- Masjid Al Quran, Dallas

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 | Ramadan 6, 1433
Masjid Al Quran, 2420 Cedar Crest Blvd, Dallas, TX 75203
(214) 948-3040
Masjid Al Quraan like Masjid Al Islam also follows the Warith Deen Muhammad tradition of Islam which is identical to the Sunni tradition. Unfortunately the Mosque was closed; they are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Iftaar, but not every day. The Mosque gate was locked.
Unlike all other Mosques, the Qur’aan lessons are shared prior to Iftaar. When I visited the Masjid two years ago for Iftaar, this was my observation.

Imam Muhammad Shakoor was speaking and asking the men and women sitting around the tables to read verses from Sura 22 titled Hajj and then he would ask questions and then responds to them. It was quite an interactive session. By the way, there is no separation of men and women in this mosque, all gather around to discuss Quran.

Imam Shakoor is relaxed and packs humor in his talk. I enjoyed the way he was talking about how the Shaitaan attacks … from the front, back, left and right… and from every where… he was literally doing the chicken dance and it sure was fun to see the Imam with a life.

He talked about patience as a virtue, and referred to 9:32, 6;122-125 and several other verses. He also shared the story of Samson and Delilah and Adam in this context. Where they were given bountiful and were asked to stay away from one item… and they did not, like wise God asks us not to rush to conclusions until all facts are in; patience is the virtue.

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