Interfaith Dialogue

The Buzz Word of Interfaith Dialogue NATION, Feb 7, 2007.Tarik Jan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz was lately in Davos. According to the implications of his own statement, he wanted to… Read more »

Manufacturing Islamophobia

Manufacturing IslamophobiaBy Ram Puniyani February, A friend’s son Murali, a bright engineer, was studying in US. Murali is amongst the commonest of names amongst Hindus. This word Murali stands… Read more »

Secular Islam Summit

SECULAR ISLAM SUMMITMarch 4-7, 2007Hilton,St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg,Florida OPEN TO PUBLIC I have posted the pictures of the speakers below. A debate roars in my mind about this conference, a few… Read more »

To Veil or Not to Veil

To Veil or Not to VeilBy: Ferrukh Faruqui AA, Sister Ferrukh, Exceptional piece and it is indeed gripping. You have captured the imagination Thanks for writing this. Insha Allah… Read more »

Human Rights & Tolerance

Human Rights and Tolerance within Islam: Legal, Political, and Spiritual Perspectives Dr. Robert D. CranePosted Feb 7, 2007 Part One Tolerance and Human Rights: The Quintessential Oxymoron One of the… Read more »