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As an Indian American, and as a Pluralist, I had always wished a stable and sustainable democracy for the people of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The golden rule for living is, you wish for others what you cherish it yourselves. This is a joyful event for all of us in the subcontinent.

 For the first time in their 67 years of history, a smooth democratic transition is happening today, the people of Pakistan are freely electing their representatives to govern. We, the community of nations, congratulate the people of Pakistan for the exercise of their freedom. This hopefully would be a model to other Muslim majority nations to follow.

Please join me in a prayer to ask God to make this transition sustainable, and may God make this as peaceful as possible.  May God bring peace and prosperity to every Pakistani, be it a Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim Sunni, Muslim Shia, Muslim Ahmadi, Muslim Ismaili, Muslim Bohra, Zoroastrians, the tribals and all others.

May God give the courage to every Pakistani to stand up for each other, and may Justice become the core of the new government.

God bless Pakistan, Amen!

Pakistan Paindabad.

Fellow Americans, please vote for your local representatives today in the Muncipal elections, today is the last day to vote.

Mike Ghouse

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