Muslims stand up against extremism, death to Wahhabism

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It is good to see a mass movement against extremism, as Muslims we welcome it. The numbers need to be verified, 2 million in Bikaneer sound unreal? What is important is that the movement has started and it must be nurtured.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) advocated a moderate path; we need to live up to it. No one is responsible for your or my actions on the day of the judgment, which means they need to mind their own aamaal (deeds). Even in any society, the criminal goes to the jail not his family members, his imam, rabbi, pastor or pundit. Let each one bear his own burden in the matters of faith.

All it takes for the Imams and Maulana’s is to have guts to gut the dumb dime a dozen fatwas, and move on with common sense that Islam teaches. A few more rallies like this will spell death knell to the Wahhabi movement.

As a Pluralist, I have no problem with the Wahhabi movement, as long as they keep their practice to themselves. There is no compulsion in Islam, Islam is about freedom. It is sickening to hear a handful of Muslims talk arrogantly about Islam, Islam is not about arrogance, punishing others or denying others to be Muslim or whatever religion they follow. Islam is about humility, equality and justice.

Even in Saudi Arabia, whoever believes in the ideology must lovingly adhere to it, but not go around chasing women who do not wear Hijab, or let the girls burn to death in schools because males cannot get in there, not walk in to a private room and take the Ganesh Icon out of a guy who worships it…or even BS about baby Burqa’s.

The Sufi’s also needed to restrain their arrogance. They are one form of Islam, like the others. Each tradition is dear to the believer and we must respect that, following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Jai Hind

Mike Ghouse
World Muslim Congress

Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

On February 10, the grounds of the historic Sadul club filled with more than two million Sunni Sufis from across India. It was a memorable sight when the assembled people chanted ‘Bhaarat Zindabaad’ (Long Live India!) and ‘Wahhabi Murdabad’ (Wahhabism, go to hell!).

Maulana Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kichowchhwi at the Bikaner assembly.

General Secretary of All India Ulema Board Maulana Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kichowchhwi said we shall not allow the use of Indian soil for spreading extremism. He blamed Saudi Arabian petrodollars for continuously ruining the world Islamic heritage and culture and affirmed that true Indian Muslims will not accept the imposition of a Saudi Wahhabi agenda on India. Maulana Ashraf recalled that Saudi Wahhabi ideology only targets the soft Sunni countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt, Mali, Libya, Iraq and now Syria. Maulana Ashraf warned Wahhabi elements they would be punished under the law, if they try to hamper India’s secular social fabric founded on coexistence.
Maulana Ashraf lambasted the Indian political class as not understanding the need for representation of Sunni Muslims in politics. Maulana Ashraf denounced the radical Wahhabi fake Sunni Muslims in looting the rights of 80 percent of traditional Sunni Muslims. He reiterated that Sunni Sufi Muslims make up 80 percent of India’s Muslim population, but its participation in power is zero. He offered the dictum that a true Indian Sunni Muslim is neither going to submit to Wahhabi religious leaders nor accept Wahhabis as political mentors.

In an emotional tone, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Ashraf Quadri Mian said the catastrophe of the Islamic world is caused by the foolishness of fanatical Wahhabis. He said we shall not allow Wahhabism to capture India. Maulana Quadari said they have tried it from Africa to Pakistan to Afghanistan to Syria, but they will not be successful here in India as we are aware of the dirty game of the Saudi Arabian regime.
Ajmer Dargah presbyter and All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board Patron in Chief Maulana Syed Mehdi Mian declared that the mystic land of Indian Saints and its culture are unwelcome to Wahabi “Salafi” ideology.

The All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board’s National Secretary Syed Babar Ashraf warned that 80 percent of the Muslim population of the country, in the context of government programs, planning and policy, find no place. The Wahhabi agenda hinges on seizure in India of Islamic monuments, dargahs [Sufi shrines], mosques and madrasas. A letter embodying this message was passed around the Sadul Club ground, with more than two million people repearting in unison, “Please accept, please accept it,” as a slogan echoing in the vibrant sky.
Chief Conservators of Dargahs, Ulema, the imam of the local mosque, and the city Qazis [Islamic jurists] of Rajasthan attended the assembly. Sunni Islamic da’wa institutions, including many local organizations, worked to make the program successful.

Participants in the Bikaner assembly.

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