Muslims Request Kerala Judge Kalam Pasha To Consider Apologizing For His Miscommunications.

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April 8, 2022 – Washington DC — Muslims are concerned about the orders of Justice Kalam Pasha to interfere in the cultural dance show by renowned Mohiniyattam dancer Dr. Neena Prasad from performing. 

“Pasha had allegedly directed the event organizers to “reduce the volume of the show.” Instead, the Police intervention caused the dancer and her troupe to abruptly wind up the program, which evoked widespread civil society and lawyers’ protests. It was, apparently, the high-handedness of the police.

Pasha showed his intolerance to the loud noise, which (the noise) is common in India no matter where you go. He should consider apologizing for the miscommunications, and the police need to apologize as well. 

“According to the reports, Pasha, who resides near Government Moyan Lower Primary School in Palakkad town, claimed that Neena Prasad’s Mohiniyattam show was scheduled to be held around 08:30 PM on Saturday was a nuisance to him and forced the organizers to stop the show.” 

Following the incident, Dr. Prasad said, “This was the bitterest experience of my dance career. It was a humiliating experience for me and the fellow artistes who mounted the stage with high hopes after more than two years of hibernation”.

Mike Ghouse,  

World Muslim Congress


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