Muslims Condemn Zardari Government for not protecting the Shia Minorities in Pakistan

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Muslims Condemn President Zardari for not protecting the Shia minorities of Pakistan, and we may consider use of drones to stop the Genocide of Shia Pakistanis.



Feb. 25, 2013 – Dallas, Texas – The world Muslim congress, a Dallas based think tank condemns the Government of Pakistan and her leadership for the hopeless situation in Pakistan, there is no law and order, and no initiative from the Government to stop the massacres of the Shia Pakistanis.

Mike Ghouse states, “We condemn the harassment and killings of Shia and Ahmadiyya Pakistanis by Sunni Pakistanis. The Jhangvi leaders are saying they will kill more Shias, and are walking around like the beasts on prowl. What the heck is Zardari going to do about it? He runs an impotent Government that cannot protect her own citizens; it’s time for him to step down in shame.”

Those Sunnis who believe remaining silent is the best option are grossly mistaken, injustice to one is injustice to all. Peace is universal, no one can live in peace when their neighbors are being harassed and killed, at the end, and everyone will pay a price.

The most important duty of a government is to keep law and order and faithfully guard the safety of every citizen. Hate is one of the many sources of disrupting the peace in a society, and we must track down the source of such hate and work on mitigating it. We have an obligation to maintain a balance in the society.

Drones are evil; the collateral damage of innocent citizens is creating more animosity and must be unequivocally condemned. However, the situation is beyond control, too many people are getting killed with no accountability and no justice.

May be we can justify the use of drones and follow the Quran in execution of justice. Ample warnings need be given to the misled individuals, if they do not back off and stop killing, we need to find them wherever we can, and drone them, however, if they realize their mistake and repent, we need to give them that opportunity to be good citizens again. The leaders of Jhangvi have said that they will kill more Shias; they must be targeted first, more than likely the majority of them will run, and hopefully join the civil society again. Those Muslims who believe in Quran will refrain from killing; killing one human is like killing the whole humanity.

If more of the radicals want to join the flight to Paradise, let’s give a ticket to all of them who want to become Shaheed, the martyr. Let them go to the paradise before they inflict the genocide on the Shia Muslims.

The United States and oddly Iran may consider taking the action, we the Sunnis, the arrogant majority need to do our work – and listen to the prophet; the least we can do is to speak up and save lives, saving one life is like saving the whole humanity.

Mike Ghouse is a Muslim committed to building cohesive societies, where no individual has to live in apprehension, discomfort or fear of the other based on Verse 49:13 of Quran. lists and links all of his work.

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