Muslims condemn Hamas attacks and Israeli Pounding

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Muslims condemn Hamas attacks and Israeli Pounding
Dallas, Texas: November 19, 2012.

Mike Ghouse, “The long term security of Israelis hinge on justice to the Palestinians, and peace to the Palestinians depends on the safety of Israelis. One will not happen without the other. In light of accomplishing the twin goal, both parties have failed.”

Hamas Terror 

We unequivocally condemn Hamas for their random shelling of the rockets into Israel; and the shameful acts of terrorizing the civilian population in Israel.  As a Muslim I protest their acts, and request the Organization of Islamic Countries to join the Muslims worldwide in condemning these acts, and demand Hamas to give up terrorizing the innocent and seek solutions through civil process.

Israeli Reaction

What was Prime Minister Netanyahu doing all these months, instead of initiating a dialogue he chose to pound Gaza; did he think that the missiles will stop reigning on their own? The illegal settlements and lawlessness has to stop; it brings despair to the Palestinians who want peace. The brutal retaliation needs to stop, it is a burden that the Prime Minister may escape but the Israelis will have to carry it on their psyche for generations to come. Is that the kind of Nation Israelis want?  Does violence solve the problems, has it ever? 

Call for action.

The actions of Hamas are unforgivable, and I appeal to the thoughtful among you, did we give them choices to act differently?  A full article is pending publication entitled Security for Israel and Justice for the Palestinians. 

The United Nations need to call for an immediate cease-fire; both parties need to hold the fire.  In the interest of Security for Israelis and Justice for the Palestinians, President Obama has to play an honest broker of peace. Invite the Israeli and Hamas leadership to join the talks immediately on our grounds at the Rose Garden. If Saudi Arabia and Egypt are convinced about our sincerity, they will bring Hamas aboard.

The Jewish people want sincerity as much as the Palestinians, they don’t want duplicity from our leadership, and they had plenty of that in since 1948. They need sincerity and facilitate security for Israel and Justice for the Palestinians.

The two state solutions is the way to go forward and one of the most fundamental items to be included in the transaction is to develop a school curriculum without malice towards each other.  A new generation must be raised with hope and goodwill, so they can live in peace and prosperity. This should be an uncompromising goal. 

Mike Ghouse for World Muslim Congress, a think tank based in Dallas with membership open to everyone, the right, left and the centrist, and from Atheist to Zoroastrians and every one in between. We are one world, and we need to act one.

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