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These dudes can act on their own as criminals, but should not be allowed to use religion for their creepy behavior, lets start screaming at them, and shout at any clergy who brainwashes and lies to these kids….lets start screaming at them.
Bad guys will always do bad things, nothing will stop them. The bad guys have killed 3300 Americans in just 4 months, laws don’t mean a thing to them, punishment means nothing to them, and death penalty doesn’t mean a thing to them either. The bad guys who are Muslim, are no different than them. 
However, as Muslims, we can take extra responsibility, to aggressively shout and scream at those few Muslims who are abusing Islam, who are misquoting Quraan, preaching hatred, screwing with the word Jihad, and terrorizing fellow human beings… 
Those who say, what about others who terrorize Muslims? I say, our actions should not be dependent on what others do. We are responsible for our actions.
Prophet Muhammad taught us to pray for the bad guys, there are several examples of it, he prayed for those who pelted stones at him, he was kind even to the lady who threw trash on him…he said, be kind to others,  hold the temptations to take revenge. Quran says do not kill another being, suicide is a sin,…these assholes need to know that this what Jihad is.  We need to scream at those few idiotic clergy who teach otherwise including that filthy Australian imam. 
I will scream at every possible ugly Imam,  scream with me.
The arrest of the suspect is an important step, but not over. We have to find his connections, who is behind it and who All is involved in it.  Indeed I am proud of the way this is handled by the police, FBI and the citizens of Boston.
There is an article in Huffington Post, “What if Boston terrorist is a muslim” may be worth your read, it was written before this discovery. 
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Mike Ghouse

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