Muslims back Obama, but by smaller margin than in 2008

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Muslims back Obama, but by smaller margin than in 2008

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My comment Posted at Religion News article

As a Moderate Republican, after due consideration, I have switched to Obama along with several Republicans. We prefer a stable administration rather than a chaotic admin by Romney, who may flip the nation upside down on day #1 repealing everything like a cranky kid. Things are going great and we cannot afford to mess it up. I urge my fellow Republicans to put America first, then the party, we owe it to America.

President Obama is not bragging on his record of turning around a free falling economy, delivering stability for America, protecting women’s rights, recognition of every American on an equal footing and securing America’s health, diplomacy that is producing results, and restoring respect for America in the community of nations by treating them on an equal basis instead of pursuing a bullying foreign policy that will build resentment towards us, and endanger our freedom.

America is one of the greatest nations on the earth because we adhere to the rule of law, protecting each other and protecting the civil rights of every American.

Obama has restored respect in the community of nations by understanding that we deal with the people and not individuals. Ultimately it is the people who honor the treaties and not the individuals. Dictators come and go, but relationships between nations endure. More about it at Huffington post or

Obama rightfully sided with the public in Egypt, rather than Dictator Mubarak. The diplomatic genius of Obama managed the affair smoothly without anti-American demonstrations in Egypt; the public saw us as their ally and not a supporter of their oppressor. Had we supported the oppressed Iranians against the Dictator Shah, Iran probably would not have gone fundamentalist or even theocratic; they would not have held us hostage either, as we would have been on their side.

The morality of drone warfare becomes justifiable when its purpose is to remove the specific cancerous cells, and prevent damage to the fabric of the society at large.

Drone warfare is one of the greatest inventions of civilization. It has allowed us to take Anwar Awalaki out (One of the top Al-Qaeda operatives) with least collateral damage and minimal revenge multiplier. No significant group has shed tears for this man or Bin Laden.

However, the abuse of drone warfare has gone too far in killing nearly 500 civilian innocent children. We don’t like the terrorist killing innocent men and women. Why should they like us when their innocents are being killed? President Obama needs to back off and just hit the criminals, as Americans we need that guarantee.

Who am I to worry about Israelis and Palestinians? What inspires me to be involved in the Israel Palestine conflict? Due to its length, it is a three part article at Huffington post at

Mike Ghouse, Dallas

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