Muslim integration plans for July 4, 2016

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MUSLIM INTEGRATION PLANS FOR JULY 4, 2016 | World Muslim Congress

You have to read the full story about July 4th, to fully grasp the 2016 July 4th plan. 

Muslims and Americans: a shared heritage since July 4, 1776.


Please note that an overwhelming majority of American Muslims live up to the ideals of their religion to live and let live, and to mind their own business as all other Americans live up to the ideals of their religions. But there is an anomaly formula built into every group. It is always a 1/10th of 1% of people in every group who don’t get their religion right, be it racial, regional or religional.

Let’s focus on what represents the ideals of 99.90% of humanity.

In August 1776 the Mysore gazette reports Tippu celebrating July 4th. The other nations who recognized our independence were king of Morocco and king of France; two Muslim nations were among the first three to recognize American independence.

Our plan is to be fully integrated in our society; these are the some of the small steps that each individual can take, leading to building a cohesive America.

Most us, be it Indians and or Muslims, know very little about fellow Americans who were born and raised here. The other way around is equally legitimate. Most of us have remained on side lines and in our own silos….

We are afraid to go in to certain neighborhoods, we even lock the doors of the car firmly, guess what, the others are equally afraid of us.

When we learn about each other, myths fade and solutions emerge.

To resuscitate our combined heritage between the United States, India and the Muslims, I propose celebration of July 4th to honor the pluralistic ethos of India with Prophet Muhammad’s pluralistic Medina Charter.  

Consider these: 

  1. America is blessed with 318 Million Souls
  2. At least about 3.2 Million souls are Muslims
  3. That is for every Muslim, there are 100 non-Muslims in America.

What can we do?

We can do a lot of things, but the simplest among all is – to mail a post card or a personal email.

The card will be simple, and invites fellow Americans to have a hot dog or hamburger at your place or park or a mosque on July 4th
How many will attend? One, two or three, everyone has his or her own things to do on that day, but how many will receive the post card? 100!

If we do this every year, there is a chance that we would have met at least 10 out of 100 – but all of them have received a card.

July 4th is the most patriotic holiday and we owe it to America to make this nation strong and safe and respectful of all of us.

What is the cost? Not much compared to the results

There will be do’s and don’t 

a.  There is so much to talk about you, your kids, family, crime, job, education… the new freeway, green technology….

b.   Don’t sell your religion, no matter what the temptation is.

c.    Don’t discuss religion – it is guaranteed to mess it up, you will be too eager to present your religion as the best in so many sneaky ways, and it will mess up all the good you do.

d.    Don’t discuss politics; you’ll regret it no matter how smart you are.

e.    If you are unable to resist selling religion, please remember clearly that Islam is superior to you, and not to them. If you sell Islam, please remember your own limitations, they don’t see it, nor will you see the beauty of their religion.

f.     Become the Amin of the society – Prophet had good relations with all of humanity, did he not? People trusted him; they believed he was just, and honest. They felt safe around him… can we follow him

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