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Since I wrote the book, American Muslim Agenda, I have cut down on writing on Islam, partially due to my occupation with pluralism, India, my health and Corona.

Today, I watched a video by Gary wills about his book, “What the Quran meant.” Thanks to Raja-Ulla Quraishi for forwarding me the link. Now, I am energized to write about Islam again. My friends tell me, there is no need to say that I was an Atheist, but, an acknowledgment of who I was is important, at least it will minimize the arrogance of a few Muslims towards others who have the knowledge of other Muslims. Being truthful is one of the most cherished values of Islam ( Please check the contents of the book at

I am pleased to share a few ( of the many) videos by non-Muslims describing Islam. It appears they have understood the essence of Islam more than many Muslims. To many, Islam is all about the rituals, and not what the rituals are supposed to do to you. The sawab (benefit counter) drives them to the good work, so, if there is no sawab, they are not inclined to do it. Prophet Muhammad had said a good deed is like planting a tree knowing well that you are not the beneficiary of the fruit or shade for which purpose the tree was planted. Muslims need to get out of the sawab driven acts and do it because it is their duty to do good.

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