More Fatwas on the way on Anti-Islamic film maker

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There is no shortage of opportunists in the world. No one has exclusive monopoly on being an idiot; members of every race, religions, nationality and ethnicity are in this game together, particularly the politicians. This essay is about a $100,000 bounty offered on the head of the anti-Islamic film maker from Pakistan. Iran would be the next one to issue.
Mirza Ghalib is an Indian poet who has written a couplet on every possible situation in the world. Here is a couplet on this situation in Urdu/ Hindi language;
“Bewkoofon ki koi kami nahin ghalib,
Ek dhoondho hazaar milte hain.”
There is no dearth of idiots O Ghalib,
Look for one, thousands will emerge.

Humor first. Some 40 years ago, I read in Shama Magazine about a boat that was violently rocking in the middle of a storm in the Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda, everyone was scared to death and were desperately panicking. One man stands up in the boat, his friend says, what the hell are you doing? He says, “Praying”, the friend laughs, you are the worst sinner in the world, and you believe in prayers? The man tells him to shut up and stands up anyway, and calls every one to join him in the prayer.

After a long spiel, he says Dear God, we seek your help, please calm the waters down and save our lives….

Fifteen minutes later, the storm subsides and the boat safely reaches the coast, after everyone got off the boat, they fell on this man’s feet and praised him to no end… you are a saint, you are a man of God… and on and on, and the man was basking in the lavishes.

His friend pulls him over and screams in his ear, you liar, what if the storm had sunk us all?

The smirking chimp responds with a smile – then no one would have been there to question me, right?

The moral of the story is – a cunning man, Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, a minister in Pakistan is offering a bounty of $100,000 on the maker of the Anti-Islamic film. He has got nothing to lose but gain from it because that bounty is as good as asking God to help win the Mega Million lottery.

New York Times reports, “A Pakistani cabinet minister on Saturday offered a $100,000 reward for the death of the person behind the anti-Islam video made in the United States that has roiled Muslims around the world, even suggesting that Taliban and Al Qaeda militants could carry out the killing.

The next one in line would be President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, who is losing out in Iran with the sanctions, and the only way out for him is to show to his people that he fears no one but God, and he will get a fatwa issued on the film maker as if it is a heroic thing, and a few will fall for it.

A few idiots in American politics may be hatching schemes to turn Obama upside down, and may get a few fake threats issued by the numerous, dime a dozen repugnant radical Al-Qaeda type of gangs, upon which I hope Obama will not act in-judiciously to prove that he is macho man.

Romney may have nothing to lose like that man on the boat, and say, “If I am the president, I will bomb them to Oblivion” and make Obama look weak. Romney may win my support, if he were to say, “If I am the president, I will emulate President Obama, and chase those bad individuals and get them, just like the President got Bin Laden and Awalaki, instead of bombing the countries to smithereens and screwing up America, and American economy.” Would he do that?

I urge men and women on the right, particularly Limbaugh, Coulter and my friend Sean Hannity, not to make a political capital out of this. It will encourage more chaos, and it is not good for America. Let Romney and Obama fight on their character and abilities. Let the best one for America win. I am a Republican and I want the best man (at this time, next time, I pray it would be a woman) to run this nation. Romney has a lot of explaining to do to come close to Obama at this point. We do need some one who can turn things around or at least not screw it up.

President Obama and Hilary Clinton did not apologize to any one over the violent incidents in the Middle East, they simply pointed out to the Pakistani public through their adverstiments videos that the movie was disgusting, that we respect the sentiments of people of faith. The movie was not supported by America, it was made by a looney and we have to freedom in our country.

We have to watch out for the fatwas and the political schemes and not react unnecessarily, its a game to them and we don’t need to get sucked into the fakies.

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