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Dr Abdul Khadeer, Head of Shaheen said that he is willing to provide financial support if NEI can cater to the education of Madrasa students (Huffaz) and help them pass the Xth Board exam. He suggested a six-month study period.

Towards meeting the pragmatic need of learning govt. mandated subjects for senior Madrasa students as well as towards establishing foundational learning for all Madrasa students, I am outlining below, a plan of action that addresses short term need as well as long term need of the Madrasa students.

 I suggest the following:

(1)    Instead of a six-month learning track, we should offer a 2-year full time learning curve for students in the age range 12 to 15 so that they are ready to take the Xth exam at age 14. This 2-year period will cover learning of all subjects necessary to pass the Xth exam. (5 different subjects need to be passed. Students must be encouraged to pursue subjects of their choice rather than rote-memorize easy subjects and cram through the exam). The 2-year period would allow transitioning from religious learning to secular learning. This presupposes that religious learning will be completed by age 12.

(2)    Massive effort be made to incorporate learning directly from Mentor Teachers operating from Lead center through MOOC. Lesson plans be tailor made so they are relevant to the Madrasa students and comply with Govt. mandated curriculum. Lessons to be streamed via MOOC and augmented by audio visual materials from Opensource platforms like Khan academy and Kolibri. LEAD CENTER TO BE ESTABLISHED AT SHAHEEN FOR THIS.

(3)    Madrasa classes catering to students of ages 12 to 15 to have LED, Internet and hardware in their classes

(4)    Teacher training to be provided to screened Madrasa Teachers showing aptitude and they be taught all relevant subjects that students need to pass Xth exam. Specialized coaching and incentives to be provided to such Teachers for learning regular subjects for 2 hours on a daily basis and also on the holiday. Trainee Teachers to be given classroom learning materials and Lesson Plan ahead of time so they are prepared for the class. This will allow rapid assimilation of subject learning by Teachers and upgrade their subject knowledge. These teachers will augment classroom student learning.

(5)    This will also create a reservoir of Trained Teachers in the madrasas. They can Train other Teachers of the Madrasa and percolate learning, cascading it to lower age students.

(6)    Madrasa Students at lower level to be introduced to general subjects gradually from early stage, with English being taught at grade 3 and other govt. mandated subjects introduced at grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

(7)    Career counseling services be provided to all Xth exam taking students, so their interests are fostered, and they are encouraged to pursue Higher studies or Vocational/Technical education

(8)    Vocational Lead center to be established. All students who passed Xth Standard and interested, to be permitted to undertake Vocational training. Vocational lead center to establish conduit with industry and integrate learning with industrial experience through Internship, Scholarship and Apprenticeship

(9)    Job orientation/counselling plus Entrepreneurial training to be provided to all students who complete Vocational training and help them ease into jobs/business.

Thank you. 
Javeed Mirza

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