Film about Quran Burning and Establishing Muslim Standards

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The Film “American response to Quran burning” is based on actual happenings leading to 9/11/2013 when Pastor Jones had announced burning 3000 copies of Quran. Our response was in the form of clearly defined goals to find sustainable solutions.

Our goals were to contain eruption of violence elsewhere in the world; offer and establish an alternate endorsable Muslim behavior by Muslims for Muslims; safety of Americans abroad; uphold the values of freedom of speech; donate blood, Muslims together to (all denominations) pray for the victims of 9/11 and well being of fellow humans (interfaith and Intrafaith); and above all change the perceptions about Muslims. 

It was not an easy task, there were suspicions, disappointments, betrayal, outright rejection, but at the end, a new paradigm was established. Muslims were welcome by the folks from the Polk country Florida. It is a gripping story.

I am looking for partners to fund $60,000.00 budget. It will be shot on actual location and hope to release on 9/11/14. It will be on par with any Hollywood movie. We hope to show it on PBS, Aljazeera or CNN or Fox News and enter for Oscars and other awards.

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