Dawud Walid of CAIR Michigan blundered.

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What’s wrong with CAIR Michigan’s Dawud Walid?

I have known Dawud Walid and I am completely taken back by his biased statement about the Nairobi incident. I am writing this note to remind ourselves and guard ourselves from making reckless statements.

Walid Tweets, “Israeli Army seems to be @#westgate to secure Israeli property. Kenyans just want this to end but Israeli gov doesn’t really care about them”

Israel has every right to protect her people and her assets.  Look at us critically, how many times have we condemned the Jihadists from Saudi Arabia, United States, Pakistan, Sudan, Egypt and elsewhere, who go to other nations not to save life, but destroy life in direct violation of Quran – Killing one person is like killing the whole humanity.

As Muslims we need to be clean before we ask others to be.

Walid reflects the sentiments of the tiny minority of Muslims who are biased against Jews and blame Jews for everything.  The good news is the silent majority does not like these attitudes; these attitudes go against the spirit Quran – to blame anyone without questioning our own motives.

I hope Dawud and those few Muslims ask themselves, how many Muslims really worry about other people’s lives? How many times have we genuinely condemned the atrocities by others against other people?  Aren’t we too selfish? Do we care about others? 

It’s time we correct ourselves, every step of the way.  It is also time to reflect on our own attitudes.

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