Countering Geo TV’s hateful show

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World Muslim Congress

These loonies are spreading hatred for fellow Pakistanis. Aaj Ahmadi, kal Shia, purson bina-daadi aur bina burqay walay sunni, and turson jo bhi un ki tarah namaz nahin padta.

Islam is not based on hating the other, but based on being a rahmat to others and being an Amin of the society. 

News quote, “Pakistani’s largest TV network GeoTV has once again incited hatred against Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in its morning show “Subh e Pakistan” which aired on 22nd Dec 2014 and was hosted by Aamir Liaquat who hosted a similar program in 2008 which resulted in the murder of 3 Ahmadis in Pakistan.”

Unless an alternative is offered to the public, they will continue to believe what is dished out to them to the detriment of Islam and Pakistan.    

We need to produce counter videos – depicting the Rahmat of the Prophet and beneficence of the creator God for the whole humanity. 


We need volunteer actors to look like these men including Liaqat with similar set up as if produced by Geo.  Let the public decide what message is right – divisive or one based on Prophet’s Rahmat. In the titles we will disclose the purpose – it is to highlight the values of Islam  

1. Rahmat
2. Justice
3. Forgiveness
4. Equality – Humility
5. Individual Responsibility
6. Caring for fellow beings
7. Respecting the otherness of others.

Hope Geo, Hum or the other guys will produce counter programs to let the public decide what is good for them. 

Mike Ghouse

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