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Equality in Islam

33:35] The submitting men, the submitting women, the believing men, the believing women, the obedient men, the obedient women, the truthful men, the truthful women, the steadfast men, the steadfast… Read more »


[21:47] We will establish the scales of justice on the Day of Resurrection. No soul will suffer the least injustice. Even the equivalent of a mustard seed will be accounted… Read more »

Muslim Speaker Mike Ghouse

NURTURING PLURALISTIC VALUES EMBEDDED IN ISLAM  A Muslim Speaker, thinker, organizer and an activist committed to building cohesive societies with a belief that what is good for Muslims has got… Read more »

Q3.28 Taqqiya

A successful conference on Qur’aan was initiated by America Together Foundation at the Unity Church with ten panelists representing different faiths. It was not an Islamic or a Muslim conference,… Read more »

Alcohol and Intoxicants

The Quran is complete, perfect and fully detailed for our salvation.  It does not specify that the following verse 4:43 is only applicable to early Muslims on the intoxicant issue. … Read more »


May every day be  our Thanksgiving Day to God, the Most Merciful.   [2:152] You shall remember Me, that I may remember you, and be thankful to Me; do not… Read more »