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Islamic Constitution

ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION By Dr. Javid Jamil _______________________________________________________Only God’s word is final, all else is debatable. A statement becomes truth, if it has universal acceptability. In this case, all religions ought… Read more »

Nazanin Fatehi – Injustice

Nazanin is Free now. Jan 31, 2007 : NAZANIN IS FREE!!!Nazanin had a very emotional reunion with her family members. She could not believe that this day had arrived. She… Read more »

Human Development

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Human development, i.e., individuals and organizations committed to uplift the ones in ditches and giving them a hand in bringing them back on a level playing field. Catholic… Read more »

Save Darfur

Latest info on Darfur : Jan 10, 2007Thanks God for this Good News, May God help build peaceDear mike,I want to share some important news from Khartoum. New Mexico Governor… Read more »

Congressman Ellison

Congressman Ellison Congressman Ellison so far has proved himself to be a great American. His statements, his conversation has nothing but honoring and respecting every American on the land. His… Read more »


DIALOGUEARTICLES: Truth & Power (12/27/06) DIALOGUE ” Dialogue only has meaning if it respects the autonomy of the other; absent that respect we have monologue. It is for each religious… Read more »


JUSTICE IN ISLAMARTICLES: Concept of justice JUSTICE IS THE CORE VALUE OF ISLAM The concept of Justice can be said as the core value of Islam. The Physical dimension of… Read more »