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In March 2017- A Washington, DC-based television station called on me to talk about Organ donation in Islam – they said no Muslim was willing to talk about it. I spoke, citing the verse Saving a life is like saving the whole humanity.

I vigorously argued about Organ donation in March 2017, who knew, God will do this to me, in May my kidneys failed, and I needed the Organ donation myself. I have been on dialysis since then and waiting for organ donation. Of course, my family members offered but did not work out; they had diabetes and had other ailments. My friend Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk offered, even that did not match.

The Institute of Islamic thought guys held a meeting in September 2017, did their ijtihad, (consultation), and issued a Fatwah that organ donation is permissible. (It will be added here in a few days)

We cannot bring any change without the support of Imams and Ulemas – we need to embrace them, it is not easy, but we need to do.

Here are a few articles on Organ donation

1. Video Clip by Mike Ghouse — to be attached
2. The Indian Express, Faizur Rahman — Islam does not speak against organ transplant
3. Times of India, Dr. Ebrahim Moosa — Ethics of Organ Transplant

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