A Dallas Muslim wins the Peace Maker Award

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Amidst 400 people, people who are peace makers in one fashion or the other, the Dallas Peace Center presents its prestigious Peace Maker award to our own Dr. Basheer Ahmed in the Dinner Gala held at Double Tree Hotel on Thursday, December 6, 2012.

Congratulations again Dr. Basheer Ahmed,
You made us Muslim feel proud! Thank you.


All the good things in a society begin with a dream, and individual’s dreams and his commitment to making it happen. One has to be persistent and committed to do, if not the setbacks will make an average person to give up, not Dr. Basheer Ahmed. His mother laid the foundation for that dream – to serve humanity, it was a nice tender moment to hear him talk about his mother, and I felt emotive about it, as you may have. Indeed  it was my mother who pushed me to go to school, if not I would have been a farmer in a remote village in Karnataka or a politician. I am sure each one of you would feel and miss your mother, particularly when you are recognized for the great things you do to bring about peace of mind to many strangers.
How do you change perceptions about Muslims in America, I would say,  this is the way, by serving others! No one can say bad words or take away the good work you do, the more of us do this, the better off we all would be. This is the way to change perceptions. I thank Dr. Basheer Ahmed for paving the way to do good work and change perceptions about Muslims.
Read more about his work at http://www.mcc-hs.org and please donate generously to this organization, it’s your money well spent.
Dallas Peace Center is an organization you must  seriously consider joining – Hadi Jawad has been active for several years and another recipient of the award, and I was on the Board for many years until I formed America Together Foundation, and now Aftab Siddiqi is doing a great job. Dallas Peace Center is one of the oldest peace organizations in Dallas. There are a few other Muslims participating in it. You will survive, if you stand up for justice for every human, not just Muslims.
Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker and a writer committed to build a cohesive America, where no American has to feel discomfort, apprehension or fear of the other. Watch the trailer of the upcoming movie Americans together at www.AmericaTogetherFoundation.com 


Dallas Peace Center to honor Muslim clinic founder, former journalist at awards for advocates of nonviolence 
The Dallas Peace Center will recognize several local leaders Thursday for their peace-building efforts. Honorees at the center’s 26th annual awards dinner include a doctor who helped dispel fear of Muslims following 9/11 and a former journalist who established a nonprofit to promote peace.
The center’s executive director, Kelli Obazee, said the journey toward peace can be long, difficult and tedious. At the dinner, the center will recognize those who have stuck with it and made a difference.
“It’s our time to sing of people who have paid the ultimate price for the well-being of the community,” Obazee said.
Dr. Basheer Ahmed will receive the Peacemaker of the Year Award. Ahmed founded the Muslim Community Center for Human Services in Richland Hills, a clinic that offers medical, dental and social services, often at discounted rates. In 2001, he helped form the Institute of Medieval and Post-Medieval Studies, which highlights Islamic contributions to medicine, science, literature and other areas.
Obazee said Ahmed has facilitated peace by raising awareness. Whenever one segment of a society “is being dehumanized, it’s done so through ignorance or lack of understanding,” she said.
The Dallas Peace Center will give lifetime achievement awards to two residents who have sought to promote nonviolence for years. Former journalist Vivian Castleberry founded Peacemakers Inc., a nonprofit that sponsors international women’s peace conferences. The University of North Texas’ peace studies institute was named for Castleberry, a longtime features editor at the Dallas Times Herald. Richard Sambrano worked in the Dallas community relations office of the U.S. Department of Justice and was involved in many high-profile mediations over a 30-year career.
“These individuals are well into their 80s and every day still looking to see how they can contribute to make someone else’s life a little better,” Obazee said.
Additional honorees are Bob Ray Sanders of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, who’s receiving the Media Peacemaker of the Year Award; and Unity of Arlington, recipient of the Peacemaking Organization of the Year Award.
GO & DO: Peacemaker Awards Dinner
WHAT: The Dallas Peace Center’s 26th annual Peacemaker Awards Dinner

Mike Ghouse  

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