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Ground Zero’s Slave Graves

Ground Zero’s Slave Graves By Jen Phillips Wed Aug. 25, 2010 4:32 PM PDT— Slave register from Flickr user Wofford College via Creative Commons.The outrage about the “ground zero… Read more »

Political Rift Grows on Islam Center

N.Y. Political Leaders’ Rift Grows on Islam CenterBy MICHAEL BARBAROPublished: August 24, 2010 Even as Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg firmly rejected calls for the relocation of a planned Muslim community… Read more »

Rev. Bill Lesher Weighs In on Park51

The Parliament BlogCPWR Chair Emeritus Rev. Bill Lesher Weighs In on Park51 DebateFROM FIRE STORM TO ILLUMINATION: Interreligious Reflections on the New York Center and Mosque Project William Lesher, Chair… Read more »