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We thank the following members for forwarding information: Aishah Schwartz, Nadia Rahman, Hasan Essa, Zafar Iqbal, Alan Border, Arif Khan, Naseer Tahir, Munir Pervaiz and a sister who did not… Read more »

Khutbah Competition.

AA, This is a great initiative, Insha Allah it may become a catalyst in developing a new practice of thoughtful, time sensitive Khutbah’s. Let’s reduce every sermon into writing as… Read more »

Love & Islam

LOVE & ISLAM Iftekhar Hai Feb 22, 2007 Iftekhar, we are proud of you, keep writing and keep building bridges, that is the most productive susatainable good will. I urge… Read more »

Interfaith Dialogue

The Buzz Word of Interfaith Dialogue NATION, Feb 7, 2007.Tarik Jan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz was lately in Davos. According to the implications of his own statement, he wanted to… Read more »