An Apology

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Krishna Temple Lahore

Muslims condemn the demolition of Hindu Temple in Lahore PRESS RELEASE JUNE 13, 2006 Dallas, Texas – The World Muslim Congress condemns the demolition of Hindu Temple in Lahore and… Read more »

Mumbai Bombings

MUSLIMS CONDEMN EXTREMISMA compilation of condemnations by Muslims WORLD MUSLIM CONGRESS CONDEMNS MUMBAI TRAIN BOMBINGSDallas, Texas, July 12, 2006. – The World Muslim Congress condemned the series of train bombings… Read more »

Muslims Condemn Terrorism

MUSLIMS CONDEMN EXTREMISM A compilation of condemnations by Muslims Ahmedi Nejad Saudi Cleric declares Shiite as Non-Muslims – 12/29/06 ______________________________________________________ 98% of the population of the world follows the middle… Read more »

Islamic Constitution

ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION By Dr. Javid Jamil _______________________________________________________Only God’s word is final, all else is debatable. A statement becomes truth, if it has universal acceptability. In this case, all religions ought… Read more »

Nazanin Fatehi – Injustice

Nazanin is Free now. Jan 31, 2007 : NAZANIN IS FREE!!!Nazanin had a very emotional reunion with her family members. She could not believe that this day had arrived. She… Read more »