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Is that Sharia?

Although the concept of justices is good with Sharia, Why are the labor laws being sidelined? What is the need for Sharia’s application in this situation? Mike Ghouse Is that… Read more »

Why Shariah? *****

Why Shariah? by Noah Feldman (***** Five star Article on the subject)International Herald Tribune,By Noah Feldman, Sunday, March 16, 2008 Mike Ghouse : Noah Feldman’s article below “Why Shariah” published… Read more »

Sharia Reforms

Mike Ghouse The laws that govern the life of a Muslim from birth to death and every moment in between are claimed to be inspired by the Qur’aan. Please note… Read more »

Unchanging in Changing World

Shari`ah: Unchanging in a Changing World the following piece on Shari`ah is like driving the car on a twisted street. Shari`ah is a ritualized version of Islam for day to… Read more »

Sharia in UK unavoidable

Sharia law in UK is ‘unavoidable’Dr Williams says Muslims should have a choice in legal disputes Mike Ghouse – Please note the only authentic references for Muslims are Qur’aan and… Read more »

Afghan blasphemy case

Afghan blasphemy case Spokesman says Karzai has last word in Afghan blasphemy caseFebruary 6th, 2008, filed by Tom Heneghan Mike Ghouse Note: It takes conviction to do the right thing… Read more »

Shariah laws in the west

Shariah laws in the west ISLAMIC SHARI’AH IN THE WESTERN WORLDAsghar Ali Engineer The article follows my comments: Sharia guidance is helpful in personal life in terms of following the… Read more »